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Validation of an automated shape-matching algorithm for biplane radiographic spine osteokinematics and radiostereometric analysis error quantification

Ellingson, Arin M; Kage, Craig C (2020-01-24)
Biplane radiography and associated shape-matching provides non-invasive, dynamic, 3D osteo- and arthrokinematic analysis. Due to the complexity of data acquisition, each system should be validated for the anatomy of interest. ...

Hyperspectral image dataset for salt stress phenotyping of wheat

Moghimi, Ali; Yang, Ce (2018-04-13)
The dataset contains hyperspectral images of four wheat lines, each with a control and a salt (NaCl) treatment. Images were captured by a hyperspectral camera (PIKA II, Resonon) under natural light condition one day after ...

Data supporting “Data Sharing Readiness in Academic Institutions” Version 1.0

Johnston, Lisa R; Coburn, Liza (2020-01-15)
To address how has the academic landscape for data repository and curation services changed we used website content analysis to better understand data repository services in academic research libraries, building on the ...

UAV-based hyperspectral dataset for high-throughput yield phenotyping in wheat

Moghimi, Ali; Yang, Ce; Anderson, James A. (2020-01-14)
The dataset was collected by a hyperspectral camera (PIKA II, Resonon, Inc.) mounted on an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV, DJI Matrice 600 Pro) from three experimental yield trial fields (C3, C4, and C9) during two consecutive ...

Particle image velocimetry measurements of smooth- and rough-wall turbulence from the SAFL Atmospheric Boundary Layer wind tunnel

Heisel, Michael; Guala, Michele (2020-01-10)
Wall-bounded turbulent flows under smooth- and rough-wall surface conditions were measured using particle image velocimetry (PIV) in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel at St. Anthony Falls Laboratory (SAFL), ...