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Data for "Impacts of Nanoplastics on the Viability and Riboflavin Secretion in the Model Bacteria Shewanella oneidensis"

Maurer-Jones, Melissa A; (2020-06-30)
Characterizing the impact of nanoplastics to organism health is important to understand the consequences of the environmental plastic waste problem. This article examines the impact of nano-polystyrene (nano-PS; 159±0.9 ...

Functional leaf and stem traits of the Oaks of the Americas

Kaproth, Matthew A; Hahn, Marlene; Manos, Paul S; Hipp, Andrew L; González-Rodríguez, Antonio; Cavender-Bares, Jeannine (2020-06-26)
Leaf and stem trait data: Measured interspecific variation of Quercus (L.) - totaling 15+ functional traits for 135* American oak species. Our goal was to hand-measure/characterize as many North American species as possible. ...

Strobin water samples, Whitewater River, 2019, 131 samples

O'Connor, Meghan; Arnold, William A. (2020-06-24)

Data supporting: "Symmetry Breaking in Particle-Forming Diblock/Homopolymer Blends"

Cheong, Guo Kang; Bates, Frank S.; Dorfman, Kevin D. (2020-06-23)

Upper Midwest lakes are supersaturated with N2

Loeks-Johnson, Brianna M; Cotner, James B (2020-06-22)
Little is known about the exchange of gaseous nitrogen (N2) with the atmosphere in freshwater systems. Although the exchange of N2, driven by excess or deficiencies relative to saturation values, has little relevance to ...