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Detecting phosphorus release from stormwater ponds to guide management and design

Finlay, Jacques C; Gulliver, John S; Janke, Benjamin D; Natarajan, Poornima; Taguchi, Vinicius; Shrestha, Paliza (2021-02-23)
There is growing concern that aging stormwater retention ponds may become net sources of phosphorus (P) to receiving waters. Release of P previously deposited in sediments (i.e. internal loading) is a major contributor ...

Climate-biome envelope model for the Western Great Lakes Region

Toot, Ryan; Frelich, Lee E.; Butler, Ethan E.; Reich, Peter B. (2021-02-16)
Research Highlights: We modeled climate-biome envelopes at high resolution in the Western Great Lakes Region for recent and future time-periods. The projected biome shifts, in conjunction with heterogeneous distribution ...

Forests and Biodiversity cleaned biomass survey data 2013-2018

Kothari, Shan; Montgomery, Rebecca A; Cavender-Bares, Jeannine (2021-02-12)
This dataset includes annual growth survey measurements from the Forests and Biodiversity 1 (e271) experiment at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve in East Bethel, MN. The dataset also includes a script that allows users ...

A bedform tracking tool coupled with Fast Fourier Transform decomposition

Lee, Jiyong; Musa, Mirko; Guala, Michele (2021-02-12)
Quantifying bedform characteristics is crucial because bedforms are omnipresent and play an important role in fluvial environments. Bedforms induce form drag against flows and can significantly alter water depth, flow ...

Recreationist willingness to pay for aquatic invasive species management at four Minnesota lakes

Levers, Lucia; Pradhananga, Amit (2021-02-12)
Willingness to pay data from surveys conducted with recreationists (primarily boaters) at four Minnesota Lakes (Minnewaska, Koronis, Gull, and Pokegama) in the summer of 2019.