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Artist pages were truly the heart of VG. These pages, written by student contributors, VG staff, and other volunteers, provide readers with an introduction to the personal and professional lives of women writers of color. Entries typically incorporate biographical information, a selected bibliography, and, in some instances, a brief overview and analysis of one or two of the writer’s works. These pages were not designed to provide exhaustive information about each featured author, but instead to introduce and arouse further interest in women writers of color among general readers. Several of these entries have been published elsewhere, including statewide curricula and edited volumes about multicultural literature in the United States and/or women writers.

Recently Added

Ramabai Espinet

Huntington, Lane; Watlington, Chloe Heather; Haverstock, Sam (Voices from the Gaps, 2005)

Sandra Benítez

Boe, Miranda; Cameron, Megan; Cardona, Antonio Tomas; Tisdle, Barbara; Curtright, Lauren (Voices from the Gaps, 2005)

Toni Cade Bambara

Schirack, Maureen; Curtright, Lauren (Voices from the Gaps, 2004)

Jeannette Armstrong

Johnson, Jolene Dupont; Curtright, Lauren (Voices from the Gaps, 2004)

Gloria Anzaldúa

Jones, Elizabeth; Jones, Elvin; Olson, Jessica; Teale, Rebecca; Curtright, Lauren (Voices from the Gaps, 2005)

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