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Project Archive  [13]

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Included is an archive of previous research projects at the UAV Laboratories. These archives should provide insight into the research performed, data associated with the research, and any analysis scripts to parse and interpret the data.

Recently Added

Cell Phone Navigation

Layh, Trevor; Larson, Jordan; Jackson, John; Agamawi, Yunus; Taylor, Brian; Gebre-Egziabher, Demoz; Krause, Joel; Gustafson, Jacob (2015-02)
Cell Phone Navigation project funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in Fall 2013 which tasked the UMN UAV Research Lab with proposing a backup navigation system within one year for SUAVs in GPS-denied environments. ...

MPC5200B Daughterboard Design

Murch, Austin (2014-07-24)

AMSYS Instructions

Layh, Trevor (2014-07-24)

UAV Laboratories Processes and Procedures

Taylor, Brian (2014-07-23)

Sensor Integration Software

Murch, Austin (2014-07-23)

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