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Software and Simulation Archive  [6]

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This collection contains our open source software. Included is our Ground Station and necessary libraries for building the flight software (eCos Libraries).

Included is our Aircraft Simulation, updated annually or upon a significant modification. This high fidelity simulation can model bare airframe nonlinear dynamics, linearized dynamics, and software in the loop behavior. Also included is a hardware in the loop simulation for validating flight software prior to flight. The simulation supports all of the UAV Laboratories aircraft and is easy to modify to simulate other vehicles. Rigid body dynamics are modeled for our Ultra Stick 120 and Ultra Stick 25e vehicles and flexible dynamics are included for the mini MUTT vehicle.

Also included are snap shots of our flight software, annually and associated with every flight test. The flight software should be considered archival in nature and included to provide enhanced understanding and depth to our flight data. For the most recent stable versions of our flight software and simulation, please visit our website.

Recently Added


Murch, Austin (2014-07-28)

Aircraft Simulation Baseline 2014 v1

Taylor, Brian (2014-07-10)

Flight Code Baseline 2014 v1

Taylor, Brian (2014-07-10)

eCos Libraries v2

Taylor, Brian (2014-07-09)

Ground Station

Taylor, Brian (2014-06-27)

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