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Ojibwe Conversations Project OC_018 Fry Bread

Hermes, Mary; Tainter, Rose (Zhaangweshii); Porter, Margaret (Mugs) (2014-10)
Rose and Mugs work together in the kitchen to make fry bread.

Ojibwe Conversations Project OC_008 Car Keys

Hermes, Mary; Tainter, Rose (Zhaangweshii); Porter, Margaret (Mugs) (2014-10)
Her patience wearing thin, Mugs helps forgetful Rose look for her lost car keys.

Ojibwe Conversations Project OC_012 Wake Up Lucia!

Hermes, Mary; Boshey, Ruby; Jones, Nancy; Bonacci, Lucia (2014-10)
Ruby and Nancy try to wake lazy Lucia.

Ojibwe Conversations Project OC_015 Pool Fishing

Hermes, Mary; Jourdain, Gordon; Jones, Nancy (2014-10)
Gordon and Nancy spend the afternoon fishing together. What they catch is very interesting.

Ojibwe Conversations Project OC_011 Baitshop

Hermes, Mary; Jones, Nancy; Porter, Margaret (Mugs); Jourdain, Gordon (2014-10)
Nancy, Margaret, & Gordon visit a baitshop. They talk and joke with one another about the useful things they find there.