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2014 Research Forum Abstracts  [16]

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The Effects of an Organizational Intervention on Burnout: Lessons Learned from Team Care

Galos, Dylan; Spinelli, William; Fernstrom, Karl (2014-03-08)

Use of Antidepressant Medication in the United States During Pregnancy, 2002–2010

Meunier, Matthew; Bennett, Ian; Coco, Andrew (2014-03-08)

Technology Interfacing with Diabetic Patients to Improve Outcomes “In Progress”

Sinnott, Kristina; Matthews, Marc; Maxon, Julie; Quigg, Stephanie (2014-03-08)

Smoking Cessation Among the Homeless--A Community-Based Intervention

Giffin, Joel; Guthrie, Katie (2014-03-08)

Severity of incontinence symptoms in smokers and role of tobacco exposure and respiratory symptoms

Overson, Ellen; Allen, Alicia; Allen, Sharon; Hertsgaard, Louise; Wyman, Jean; Hatsukami, Dorothy (2014-03-08)

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