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Scientific and Technical Communication (STC) Plan C Research Papers  [34]

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Helping Users Help Themselves: Assessing Accessibility of Graco Inc.’s Online Customer Support Center

Shirk, Kristina (2019)
The aim of this study is to identify current accessibility practices and functionalities in Graco Inc.’s customer care site as a means to determine areas of improvement based on current accessibility research and guidelines. ...

Reflections on health communications aimed at a young audience: Examining current practices in diabetes education and communication for children

Lilley, Matthew (2019)
This paper studies methods that technical writers can use to tailor their communications for a child audience. The approach taken was to study methods used in practice by diabetes educators working with pediatric patients ...

Agency and the User-Designer Relationship in Co-Created Wellness Spaces

Carlson, Erik, C. (2019-05)
In this study I adapted the work of Wilson, Rawlins, and Crane (2018) to explore the cocreated wellness space of the Apple Watch Activity Rings. I examined the agential roles and relationships between users and designers ...

Exploring the Nexus of Telemedicine and Written Mobile Communications

Gresbrink, Emily K (2019-05-06)
There is plentiful research covering how we write for mobile, as well as how mobile users write, process, and synthesize information on a screen. There is also a substantial amount of research covering the outcomes ...

The current state of safety information training: Using Schriver's information design principles to analyze a slideshow for an audience with limited English proficiency and low literacy

Ecker, Christine (2019)
This is an exploratory study into the current state of the design and writing of safety/job training materials for employees who are non-native speakers of English and/or employees who have a low level of literacy. ...

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