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Scientific and Technical Communication (STC) Plan C Research Papers  [43]

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Writing Studies Graduate Research Showcase 2020

Arnquist, Marissa; Blissenbach, Rachel; Fuglsby, Brandi; Jarrett, James; Krstic, Danijela; Le Lay, Brian; Snow, Heather; Wold, Ryan; Yoong, Christina (2020-05)
Poster presentations from the Writing Studies department graduate research showcase. The projects were completed in conjunction with WRIT 8505 and the showcase was held digitally due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Understanding User Experience: An Essential Component within Academic Support Resources at the University of Minnesota

Yoong, Christina (2020)
User experience (UX) has become increasingly important for organizations due to the growing need to design and maintain digital products for different audiences. This study focuses on user experience perspectives within ...

A Guidebook for Technical Communicators in Agile Scrum Environments

Krstic, Danijela (2020)
Research problem: The lack of understanding and industry consensus on the role of technical communicators in the agile scrum environment. In this study, I completed a literature review of the agile scrum framework and a ...

Essential Strategies, Methods, Knowledge, and Resources for Professional Development for Technical Communicators

Jarrett, James M. (2020)
Professional development is a challenge for practitioners of all levels no matter the discipline, and professional development within technical communication presents a formidable challenge which has been understudied. The ...

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