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2014 Student Sustainability Symposium Posters  [4]

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Community Solar Gardens

Colbaugh, Jessica; Dhir, Sanjay; Edmunds, Nakia; Gardynski, Matt; Halvorsen, Erik; Song, Josiah (2014)
The future of Minnesota can be reshaped through Community Solar Gardens’ renewable energy.

Integration of Electrochromic Glazing with Traditional Shading Techniques: Multivariate Analysis for Optimal Configuration

Musunuru, Sravanthi (2014)
With the advancements in modern energy-efficient building envelopes, glazing systems have become more prominent as considerable heat transfer elements especially in curtain-wall systems making it extremely difficult for ...

Effective Impervious Area in Urban Stormwater Management

Ebrahimian, Ali; Gulliver, John S.; Wilson, Bruce N. (2014)