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Dr. Stan C. Hokanson  [2]

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Isozyme Variation as Evidence of Gene Flow and Hybridization between Red Oaks Found in an Island Archipelago

Hokanson, Stan C. (1991)
Isozyme variability was examined in the red oak complex, Quercus subg. Erythrobalanus found on an island archipelago and vicinity in northeastern Wisconsin. Dormant leaf bud samples were collected from Quercus rubra L., ...

Risk Assessment of Transgenic Plants: Evaluation of Border Rows as a Containment Strategy for Transgenic Pollen and a Comparison of Pollen Dispersal Patterns for Native and Transgenes

Hokanson, Stan C. (1995)
Despite full commercial approval of twelve transgenic crops in the U.S. (circa 1995), concern is still being expressed regarding the potential risks associated with the agronomic-scale production of transgenic crops. One ...