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"Chem News", Department of Chemistry Newsletter  [9]

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Chem News - December 2013

Department of Chemistry (Department of Chemistry, 2013-12)
In this issue, you will find articles on the work of our Joint Safety Team and the impact it is having on the culture of safety within the Department of Chemistry; our outstanding professors including Timothy Lodge who was ...

Chem News - December 2012

Department of Chemistry (Department of Chemistry, 2012-12)
In this issue you will find articles describing our new safety partnership with Dow Chemical Company; some major new research center grants supporting theoretical chemistry efforts; a particularly exciting discovery from ...

Chem News - December 2011

Department of Chemistry (Department of Chemistry, 2011-12)
As the articles in this issue of our newsletter attest, we've had a great year and we're poised to continue building on our proud tradition of outstanding teaching, research, and outreach and service to the community. Read ...

Chem News - January 2011

Department of Chemistry (Department of Chemistry, 2011-01)
As the newly named College of Science & Engineering celebrates its 75th anniversary, it is a good time to reflect on the central role that the Department of Chemistry has played in the history of the college and the ...

Chem News 2009

Department of Chemistry (Department of Chemistry, 2009)
As the cold settles in and the lakes freeze over, research and teaching in the Department of Chemistry remains as hot as ever. Evidence for the health and vitality of the department is plentiful in this issue of ChemNews, ...

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