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Masters of Professional Studies in Arts and Cultural Leadership, Final Projects  [18]

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Museums that make noise. Looking into the future of the Schubert Club Museum

D'Ambrosio, Viola (2019-12)
Changing demographics are reshaping the role of museums within communities across the United States and how they define relevance. Although museums are currently seeking ways to create meaningful experiences for museum-goers, ...

The Minnesota Model: How Trust and Collaboration Rebuilt the Minnesota Orchestra

Jelinek, Clayton (2019-08)
A major shift in organizational culture brought new life to the Minnesota Orchestra in the years following a devastating 16-month musician lockout. This case study sought to answer two research questions: 1) How does the ...

Finding Home: A Qualitative Study on Healing Homelessness through Expressive Arts Engagement

Bueno, José (2019-07)
This phenomenological study seeks to expand the understanding of the impacts of expressive arts engagement on the mental health and trauma among homeless youth through the experiences of professionals working with those ...

Intersections Connect: Wearable Arts Working Collectively at the Local Level

Gramann II, D J (2018-07)
This project focuses in the commonalities in the need for skill building, knowledge expansion, and access to resources related to garment making disciplines including, but not limited to home and industrial sewing, fashion, ...

An Exploration of Methods and Challenges in Building Younger Theater Audiences

Erickson, Lucas (2018-05)
According to theater professionals interviewed in the Twin Cities and a review of recent academic literature relative to audiences for American theater, audiences are aging, and attendance rates are declining. This ...

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