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Masters of Professional Studies in Arts and Cultural Leadership, Final Projects  [13]

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Artists of Color as Social Entrepreneurs: Seeking new support in Coworking spaces

Yang, Teeko (2017-05)
This paper seeks to explore artists of color as social entrepreneurs by investigating the synergy created in collaborative workspaces, also known as coworking spaces. They have emerged as nontraditional office spaces that ...

Arts Organizations and Their Impact on Adverse Childhood Experiences

Clarke, Kristine (2017-05)
The following three questions will be examined through this study. First, what role do arts organizations play in relation to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)? Second, do art organizations make any impact on individuals ...

Embracing Multidisciplinary Engagement: How Campus Museums in the U.S. Can Bolster Their Relevancy in an Increasingly Competitive Academic Funding Climate

Martin, Kayla A (2017-05)
There is a growing trend in universities and colleges in the U.S. putting an increasingly greater emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects and less on those part of the arts and humanities. ...

Funding the Arts in the Rural: Is it time to pay attention to bias and barriers?

Jeub, Heidi A (2017-05)
Rural communities make up 20% of the American population yet receive less than 7% of governmental and foundation funding. In the arts, this gap can be attributed more to historic bias against rural artists and arts ...

The Case to Engage Millennials in Classical Music

Legeros, Alexander N (2016-05)
As the largest demographic group in America both now and for the forseeable future, millennials carry great promise for classical music - that is, if classical music organizations can capitalize on the traits that make ...

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