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Extension Program Conference Posters 2013  [13]

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Grounding a Program Theory to Enable Authentic Inquiry Through Citizen Science

Meyer, Nathan; Nippolt, Pamela; Strauss, Andrea; Oberhauser, Karen; Blair, Robert (University of Minnesota Extension, 2013-10)
Extension programs are well-suited to provide youth and adults with exposure to science. However, designing programs to fully engage participants in deeper experience with science practice is a complicated challenge. ...

CYFC Scholars Program: Results of Ripple Effect Mapping and Implications for Extension Program Design Practices

Jordon, Cathy; Chazdon, Scott; Alviz, Kit (University of Minnesota Extension, 2013-10)
The Children, Youth and Family Consortium (CYFC) leads a multidisciplinary, multi-year, cohort-based, professional development program for five Twin Cities campus faculty and research staff. The program includes two ...

Reaching Southeast Asian Families with a Healthy Nutrition Message

Keo, Phalla; Sherman, Shelley (University of Minnesota Extension, 2013-10)
Minnesota ranks high among states for the health and education of its people, but some of the largest disparities in the nation also exist here. Minority communities, such as the Southeast Asian community, show ...

Good Foods, Good Fathering: A Community-Extension Partnership to Engage Low Income Urban Fathers In Their Child’s Nutrition

Sherman, Shelley; Straub, Terry; Jones, Clarence; Katras, Mary Jo (University of Minnesota Extension, 2013-10)
Research shows the importance of parental guidance in making healthy food choices. Fathers, specifically non-residential fathers, are often left out of the conversation when it comes to grocery shopping, meal planning ...

Planning for Success in the SNAP-Ed Classroom: Strategies for Engaging Modern Learners in Health & Nutrition

Sherman, Shelley; Hurtado, G.Ali; Marczak, Mary; Letourneau, Sue; Perdue, Laura; Barno, Christine; Lovett, Kathleen; Brady, Alison (University of Minnesota Extension, 2013-10)
This poster describes the program implementation of a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education (SNAP-Ed) in Extension. The presentation will focus on planning strategies for successful program delivery. We ...

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