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Dr. Joanne B. Eicher  [60]

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This collection includes the full text of papers written by University of Minnesota Regents Professor Emerita Dr. Joanne B. Eicher.
Please also see the full list of Dr. Eicher's publications in RefWorks, where you are able to search and download citations.

Recently Added

Cut and drawn:Textile work from Nigeria

Eicher, Joanne B.; Erekosima, Tonye V.; Liedholm, Carl (1982)

Definition and classification of dress:Implications for analysis of gender roles

Eicher, Joanne B.; Roach, Mary E. Higgins (Berg Publishers, Inc., 1992)

The American groom wore a Celtic kilt:Theme weddings as canivalesque events

Winge, Theresa M.; Eicher, Joanne B. (Berg Publishers, 2003)

Eurocentrism in the study of ethnic dress

Baizerman, S.; Eicher, Joanne B.; Cerny, C. (Fairchild Publications, Inc., 2008)

Adolescent Dress, Part II: A Qualitative Study of Suburban High School Students

Eicher, Joanne B.; Baizerman, Suzanne; Michelman, John (Pryczak Publishers, reprinted with permission from Adolescence 26(10):679-686. Libra Publishers, inc., 1994)
Through observation and interviews of high school students, the role of dress in a non-psychiatric population was explored in order to provide data complimentary to the first phase of a larger research project. Adolescent ...

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