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Department of Writing Studies  [128]

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The Department of Writing Studies seeks to understand the social, disciplinary, and rhetorical functions of written, visual, digital, scientific and technical communication practices. Through our broad-ranging research, degree programs, and courses--as well as our outreach to the University and communities outside the University--we investigate the intersections of communication with culture, politics, science, technology, and ethics. In all our educational programs, we strive to foster our students' critical-thinking skills as well as their sense of personal, professional, and civic responsibility.

Recently Added

MA & PhD Graduate Student Handbook, 2018-2019

Department of Writing Studies (University of Minnesota, 2019)
Handbook for the MA & PhD in Rhetoric and Scientific and Technical Communication programs.

Students’ Perceptions of Written Instructor Feedback on Student Writing

Wisz, Eric (2018-05)
Research Question. How do students perceive instructor feedback on their writing when different feedback approaches are presented? Literature Review. Previous literature on instructor feedback on student writing suggested ...

Applying What I've Learned in TWC: Themes from Visual Rhetoric, Writing with Digital Technologies, International Communication, and Usability

Berger, Alex (2018-05)
This project, which includes both a website created using HTML and this accompanying report, applies concepts and themes taken from four courses from the Technical Writing & Communication (TWC) coursework at the University ...

The Waffle Home

Taillon, Hayden (2019-07)


Gokee, Joseph (2019-07)

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