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Data for: Extension distribution for DNA confined in a nanochannel near the Odijk regime

Chuang, Hui-Min; Reifenberger, Jeff G.; Bhandari, Aditya Bikram; Dorfman, Kevin D. (2019-09-19)
DNA confinement in a nanochannel typically is understood via mapping to the confinement of an equivalent neutral polymer by hard walls. This model has proven to be effective for confinement in relatively large channels ...

Simulation data for "Influence of charge sequence on the adsorption of polyelectrolytes to oppositely-charged polyelectrolyte brushes"

Sethuraman, Vaidyanathan; McGovern, Michael; Morse, David C; Dorfman, Kevin D (2019-06-20)
When a solution of polyanionic chains is placed in contact with a polycationic brush, the polyanions adsorb into the brush. We investigate the influence of the charge sequences of the free and bound species on the ...

Input and data for "Simulating precursor steps for fibril formation in methylcellulose solutions"

Sethuraman, Vaidyanathan; Dorfman, Kevin D (2019-05-08)
We use coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations to study the precursor steps for fibril formation in methylcellulose solutions. Simulations of ring stacking between two collapsed methylcellulose chains demonstrate ...

Data for "Microfluidic long DNA sample preparation from cells" published as Lab Chip, 2019, 19, 281

Agrawal, Paridhi; Dorfman, Kevin (2019-01-18)
This is the data for the article published as "Microfluidic long DNA sample preparation from cells" in Lab on a chip. The data includes DNA molecular weight distribution analysis and DNA concentration measurements from ...

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