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Odijk excluded volume interactions during the unfolding of DNA confined in a nanochannel

Reifenberger, Jeffrey G; Cao, Han; Dorfman, Kevin D (Macromolecules, 2018)

Evidence for the extended de Gennes regime of a semiflexible polymer in slit confinement

Cheong, Guo Kang; Li, Xiaolan; Dorfman, Kevin D (Physical Review E, 2018)

Pruned Enriched Rosenbluth Method (PERM) Monte Carlo Code

Tree, Douglas R; Muralidhar, Abhiram (2018)

One-parameter scaling theory for DNA extension in a nanochannel

Werner, Erik; Cheong, Guo Kang; Gupta, Damini; Dorfman, Kevin D.; Mehlig, Bernhard (Physical Review Letteres, 2017)

Sequence-Dependent Persistence Length of Long DNA

Chuang, Hui-Min; Reifenberger, Jeffrey G.; Cao, Han; Dorfman, Kevin D. (2017-12-05)
Using a high-throughput genome-mapping approach, we obtained circa 50 million measurements of the extension of internal human DNA segments in a 41 nm × 41 nm nanochannel. The underlying DNA sequences, obtained by mapping ...

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