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Public Engagement and Graduate Education: Ten Principles and Five Recommendations

Bloomfield, Victor (2014-01)
Abstract: Connection with the public is crucial to the future of higher education, including graduate education. I put forward ten principles (statements that seem to be clearly true) that individually and collectively ...

The Future of the History of Computing

Nelsen, R. Arvid (2013-12)
The history of information technology is not the history of how wires got into boxes. Technological developments are intertwined in the social fabric, and their story includes the direct experience of individuals and the ...

Fate and collecting embroidery in India

Johnson, Donald Clay (2013-11)
An overview of the challenges and experiences the author had in 2005 while collecting embroidered textiles in India. This includes identification of some of the distinctive techniques used in India to enhance artistic ...

A Castle in Dalmatia: Zemunik in the Veneto-Ottoman peace Negotiations of 1573-1574

Tracy, James (2013-08)
For a Europe that feared continuing Ottoman expansion, the Battle of Lepanto (1571) was a great relief. But the Ottoman Empire continued to be dominant in the eastern Mediterranean, and in southeastern Europe. The ...

Turtle Mania

Siegel, Gerald (2013-08)
This is serious. Turtles live in every nook and cranny of my house–on shelves, in bookcases, on the mantle over the fireplace, in a special cabinet with glass doors that’s filled to overcrawling, in the cubbies of my rolltop ...

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