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College of Liberal Arts  [93]

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Liberal Arts: The Next 150, Summer 2019

University of Minnesota. College of Liberal Arts (University of Minnesota, 2019)

Epistemai, Vol 1

Unknown author (University of Minnesota Undergraduate Student Journal, 2018)
We are a student-run philosophy journal at the University of Minnesota. Epistemai, an undergraduate journal with a focus on short, original, philosophical work done by undergraduates from universities across the country.

The Data Management Village: Collaboration among Research Support Providers in the Large Academic Environment

Hofelich Mohr, Alicia; Johnston, Lisa R; Lindsay, Thomas A (Databrarianship: The Academic Data Librarian in Theory and Practice (editors Kristi Thompson and Lynda Kellam) Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), 2016)
Data management encompasses the practices and people that acquire, control, protect, deliver and enhance the value of data throughout the research lifecycle. Done well, data management requires that these practices and ...

Recruitment, Participation, and Sampling: Researchers’ Results in General Practice

Lindsay, Thomas; Sell, Andrew (2011-06-01)
While large-scale projects have the resources to ensure best practice, most social science researchers face compromises relating to cost, time, and availability of respondents. We worked with researchers to experimentally ...

Thinking Inside the Box: Visual Design of the Response Box Affects Creative Divergent Thinking in an Online Survey

Hofelich Mohr, Alicia; Sell, Andrew; Lindsay, Thomas (Social Science Computer Review, SAGE, 2015)
While the visual design of a question has been shown to influence responses in survey research, it is less understood how these effects extend to assessment-based questions that attempt to measure how, rather than just ...

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