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Allen D. Leman Swine Conference, 2006  [99]

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Non-Tariff Barriers used as a ban that strikes the swine industry

Sierra-Romero, Norma; López, Jorge (2006-09-23)

Oral sodium chlorate, topical disinfection and weaning age modify Salmonella enterica shedding in pigs.

Patchanee, Prapas; Crenshaw, Thomas; Bahnson, Peter (2006-09-23)

Effectiveness of transdermal, needle-free injections for reducing pork carcass defects

Sebranek, Joseph; Houser, Terry; Thacker, Brad; Baas, Thomas; Nilubol, Dachrit; Thacker, Eileen; Cook, David; Kruse, Frank (2006-09-23)

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