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Department of Earth Sciences  [158]

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The Department of Earth Sciences focuses on research and education related to understanding the origin and evolution of the Earth from its surface to its deep interior. We particularly value interdisciplinary approaches that integrate aspects of the solid Earth, surface dynamics, and biological systems.

Recently Added

Canton Area Dye Tracing- Canton Stormwater Estavelle and Highway Runoff Receptor Sinkholes, Fillmore County, MN

Green, Jeffrey A.; Alexander, E. Calvin Jr.; Alexander, Scott C.; Barry, John D. (2020-06)

Carbon-14 Age Dating Calculations for Minnesota Groundwaters

Alexander, Scott C; Alexander, E Calvin Jr. (2018)
Groundwater dating techniques can be applied to flow systems with time scales from hours to tens of millennia. For the purposes of this report age and residence time are used interchangeably. For waters with ages ranging ...

Orion Sinkhole Plain - Devil’s Den Spring Complex; Olmsted County, Minnesota; 2018 Dye Trace Report

Barry, John D; Green, Jeffrey A; Larsen, Martin R; Alexander Jr., E Calvin (2020-01)

2015 Olmsted County Dye Traces

Larsen, Martin R; Johnson, Scot B; Green, Jeffrey A; Kasahara, Sophie M; Wheeler, Betty J; Alexander Jr, E Calvin (2019-04-17)

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