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Department of Earth Sciences  [138]

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The Department of Earth Sciences focuses on research and education related to understanding the origin and evolution of the Earth from its surface to its deep interior. We particularly value interdisciplinary approaches that integrate aspects of the solid Earth, surface dynamics, and biological systems.

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Ostrander Dye Trace Report Fillmore County Minnesota Traces: 17 May 1993

Rutelonis, J. Wes; Alexander, Scott C; Green, Jeffrey A; Barry, John D; Alexander Jr., E. Calvin (2018-01)

Dye Tracing Studies of the Fountain, Minnesota Sewage System

Alexander Jr., E. Calvin; Milske, Jodi A (Proceedings of the Environmental Problems in Karst Terranes and Their Solutions Conference, 1986. © Published by, "National Water Well Association" and Produced by, "Water Well Journal Publishing Company"., 1986-10-30)
Fountain, a small community in southeastern Minnesota, is located on a sinkhole plain developed in the Ordovician Galena Formation. Many of the approximately 100 houses in the town have sewer systems that empty directly ...

Optical Brightener Screening for Sewage Contamination of Water Table Aquifers in Southeastern Minnesota, USA

Spong, Ronald C; Fay, Steffan R; Alexander Jr., E. Calvin (Published in: Proceeding of the International Association of Hydrogeologists XXVI International Congress, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. June 1995., 1995-06)
Novel screening methods for detecting optical brighteners, fluorescent organic blue dyes principally used in laundry detergents for whitening fabrics, have been developed for the monitoring of water table aquifers impacted ...

Optical Brighteners: Sorption Behavior, Detection, Septic System Tracer Applications

Fay, Steffan R; Spong, Ronald C; Alexander, Scott C; Alexander Jr., E. Calvin (Published in: Proceedings of the International Association of Hydrogeologists XXVI International Congress, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. June 1995., 1995-06)
Laboratory soil column experiments were used to evaluate the optical brighteners (fluorescent whitening agents) Tinopal3 CBS-X (ASTM designation DSBP-1) and Tinopal3 5BM-GX (ASTM designation DASC-4) and the fluorescent dye ...

Dye Tracing Through Thick Unsaturated Zones

Alexander Jr., E. Calvin; Davis, Marsha A; Dalgleish, Janet B (Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Underground Water Tracing. The Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration, Athens, Greece, 1986. Edited by A. Morfis, P. Paraskevopoulou. Reprinted from Proceedings p.p. 181-188, 1986)
Using the fluorescent dye Rhodamine WT, a field fluorometer, and direct samples of water collected from springs, wells, cave drips, and pools we have conducted two successful dye traces through thick unsaturated zones in ...

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