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Allen D. Leman Swine Conference, 2011  [91]

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A new tool for control of bacterial contamination in boar semen

Huerta, Isaac; Dahmani, Yahya; Ausejo, Raquel; Úbeda, Juan (2011-09-17)

Semen backflow in sows after cervical and post-cervical artificial insemination

Hernández-Caravaca, I.; Izquierdo-Rico, M.J.; Carvajal, J.A.; Abril, D.; Soriano-Úbeda, C.; Vieira, L.; Matás, C.; García–Vázquez, F.A. (2011-09-17)

Husbandry EducationTM Linked to Production of More High Value Nursery Pigs

Kuhn, M.; Moeller, T.; Hoover, T.; Weigel, D.; Amodie, D.; Farrand, E.; Galina, L. (2011-09-17)

Husbandry EducationTM Effect on Nursery Mortality, Weight and Treatment Cost

Galina, L.; Minder, C.; Amodie, D.; Farrand, E. (2011-09-17)

Maternal Immune Cell Transfer across the Piglet Neonatal Intestine and the influence of the Endogenous Opioid on this Transfer

Elmubark, G.; Bandrick, M.; Brown, D.; Vulchanova-Hart, L.; Baidoo, S.; Jones, B.; Molitor, T. W. (2011-09-17)

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