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Extension Fall Conference Posters 2012  [18]

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Wonder Years: The Science of Early Childhood Development

Langworthy, Sara; Benning, Sarah; Jordan, Catherine (University of Minnesota Extension, 2012-10)
The Wonder Years: The Science of Early Development (WY), funded by the National Science Foundation, is a collaboration among the Science Museum of Minnesota (SMM) and University of Minnesota’s Extension Children Youth ...

Front-end Study of User Preferences to Guide the Design of One Extension Website

Shimek, Sarah; Meyer, Nathan; Ernst, Julie (University of Minnesota Extension, 2012-10)
Extension programs are increasingly developing online education infrastructure, including substantial investments in creating interactive websites for target audiences. Front-end assessment of user preferences is one ...

Our Top 10 List for Working with Diverse Audiences

Hurtado, G. Ali; Garbow, Jennifer; Landrieu, Josey; Alba, Antonio; Marczak, Mary (University of Minnesota Extension, 2012-10)
Ethnic and cultural diversity in Minnesota has been changing rapidly, and the immigrant population is a major factor for this change. Of the many immigrant populations in Minnesota, Latino and Somali communities are among ...

Food Quality and Availability: Diversity in a Tribal Food System

Newman, Dawn; Wilsey, David; Beaulieu, Susan (University of Minnesota Extension, 2012-10)
Diversity relates to the audiences reached through Extension outreach and teaching, but also applies to program approach and focus. Our work with the Fond du Lac Band addresses the critical issue of food quality and ...

Citizen Science Sparks Independent Scientific Investigations

Strauss, Andrea; Oberhauser, Karen; Nippolt, Pamela; Blair, Robert; Meyer, Nathan (University of Minnesota Extension, 2012-10)
Citizen Science programs across the country invite the public to participate in scientific research. Through these experiences, participants learn scientific data collection protocols and have opportunities to observe ...

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