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An Evaluation of Market Development Projects in West Germany
Learn, Elmer W.; Houck, James P. Jr. (Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, 1961)

An Evaluation of Market Development Projects in West Germany

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Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station

TITLE I OF PUBLIC LAW 480 permits the U.S. government to authorize the sale of surplus agricultural commodities to foreign countries for local currencies. Private trade channels are used to the maximum extent possible. Since 1954 Title I sales resulted in the deposit of substantial amounts of foreign currencies to U.S. government accounts in many nations. Foreign market development activities under Section 104(a) are financed with these funds. At least 5 percent of Title I sales proceeds must be available for these development activities. Conversion to other nondollar currencies provides funds for market development in countries where insufficient Title I currencies are available. The Foreign Agricultural Service is responsible for the administration of Title I sales and 104 (a) projects. It has emphasized three major types of 104(a) activities: (1) market promotion, (2) marketing assistance, and (3) marketing research.

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Learn, Elmer W.; Houck, James P. Jr.. (1961). An Evaluation of Market Development Projects in West Germany. Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station. Retrieved from the University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy,

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