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The molecular weight effects of poly(acrylic acid) on calcium carbonate inhibition in the kraft pulping process.

Dubay, Matthew Richard (2011-05)
Calcium carbonate scale reduces process efficiency and control in kraft pulping operations. The formation of scale can be alleviated or at least reduced by the addition of antiscalant chemicals into the process line. A ...

Survival and habitat use by post-fledging forest-nesting songbirds in managed mixed northern hardwood-coniferous forests.

Streby, Henry M. (2010-10)
Until recently, studies of breeding migratory songbirds have been primarily limited to the nesting season. Therefore, there is very little information about songbird survival and habitat use during the post-fledging period ...

When ripples becomes waves : exploring the role of policy in the creation and coordination of citizen participation in Minnesota‟s water governance landscape.

Steiger-Meister, Kaitlin (2010-07)
The term "environmental governance" is used to describe the increasingly collaborative nature of environmental natural resource policy creation and implementation that incorporates a diversity of third party actors ranging ...

Renewable energy deployment in the electricity sector: three essays on policy design, scope, and outcomes

Fischlein, Miriam Lydia (2010-11)
Due to the large environmental impact of the electric energy sector, evaluating the policy instruments employed in this arena is a particularly pressing issue. In the United States, state policy is a major driver of ...

Resource assessment and analysis of aspen-dominated ecosystems in the Lake States.

Domke, Grant Michael (2010-08)
Utilization of renewable resources for energy in the United States has increased substantially over the past decade. These increases have been driven by energy policy aimed at reducing dependence on foreign oil, boosting ...