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Remote sensing for regional assessment and analysis of Minnesota lake and river water quality

Olmanson, Leif Gordon (2012-05)
Beginning soon after the launch of the first Landsat satellite, researchers began investigating the use of Landsat imagery to monitor the water quality of our lakes and coastlines. The earliest use of Landsat imagery was ...

Tree regeneration dynamics and drivers across the temperate-boreal transition zone.

Fisichelli, Nicholas Anthony (2012-03)
The upper Great Lakes region in central North America contains a forest transition zone where temperate and boreal tree species reach their northern and southern range limits, respectively. It is only within this narrow ...

How law matters to ecosystem restoration.

Enzler, Sherry Anne (2012-02)
The 2005 Millennium Ecosystem Assessment reported unprecedented degradation of ecosystems and the services they provide to human well being which, if allowed to continue, could adversely affect human health, security and ...

The role of harvest gaps in the plant diversity of a northern hardwood forest of Northern Wisconsin, USA

Kern, Christel (2011-08)
Recent losses of biodiversity in managed forests have invigorated the need for natural disturbance-based management that sustains the many goods and services expected from forests. Regionally, declines in species diversity ...

Water yield in the southern Appalachian Mountains.

Kove, Katherine Marie (2011-05)
With over 55% forest cover, the southern Appalachians (SA) are a main water resource for the surrounding areas. These water resources are at risk due to changing climate and precipitation regimes as well as changes in ...

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