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Publications of the Marxist Educational Press are no longer available for sale. Some titles are already, or will be, available here online for free download or are available in print at major libraries.

Recently Added

Reds, racial justice, and civil liberties: Michigan Communists during the Cold War

Pintzuk, Edward C., 1914- (MEP Publications, 1997)
This book calls into question commonly held assumptions about the U.S. Communist Party by examining its work in Michigan in the decades immediately after World War II. As Cold War ideologies hardened, 1945-1960 was a ...

Philosophical problems in physical science

Hörz, Herbert; Pöltz, Hans-Dieter; Parthey, Heinrich, 1936-; Röseberg, Ulrich; Wessel, Karl-Friedrich (Marxist Educational Press, 1980)
This work is the first available in English that examines philosophical problems in classical and modern physics from the dialectical-materialist viewpoint. A team of five outstanding philosophers of natural science in the ...

The Downfall and future of socialism

Holz, Hans Heinz (MEP Publications, 1992)
Translation of a new analysis of revolutionary Marxism by an influential German theorist. Professor Holz examines, in particular, the rise and fall of socialism in Eastern Europe and the USSR. He outlines a theoretical ...

Awakening of geometrical thought in early culture

Gerdes, Paulus (MEP Publications, 2003)
What is the origin of mathematics? Where did symbols and terms used by Bronze Age scribes come from? Gerdes finds the answer in human work--the activity of making tools, objects, and utensils--and the subsequent dynamic ...

Dialectics of the U.S. Constitution

Franklin, Mitchell, 1902-1986 (MEP Publications, 2000)
Mitchell Franklin (1902-1986) is described by the Buffalo Law Review as the foremost Marxist legal philosopher in the English-speaking world. In these selected writings, Franklin, a professor of law at Tulane University ...

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