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Stacie Traill  [4]

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Setting a Direction for Discovery: A Phased Approach

Fransen, Janet; Friedman-Shedlov, Lara; Theis-Mahon, Nicole; Traill, Stacie; Boudewyns, Deborah (IGI Global, 2012)
While many other academic libraries are currently or have recently faced the challenge of setting a new direction for their discovery platforms, the University of Minnesota is perhaps unique in its phased approach to the ...

Discoverability: Investigating the Academic Library's Changing Role in Connecting People to Resources

Fransen, Janet; Boudewyns, Deborah Ultan; Hanson, Cody; Hessel, Heather; Friedman-Shedlov, Lara; Traill, Stacie (2011-10-12)
In October 2008, a small group at the University of Minnesota Libraries set out to explore the concept of discoverability of the Libraries’ resources. Commissioned by the Web Services Steering Committee, the group identified ...

Discoverability Phase 2 Final Report

Hanson, Cody; Hessel, Heather; Boudewyns, Deborah; Fransen, Janet; Friedman-Shedlov, Lara; Hearn, Stephen; Theis-Mahon, Nicole; Morris, Darlene; Traill, Stacie; West, Amy (2011-02-04)
The Discoverability Phase 2 group was charged in spring 2010 to generate a vision for the University Libraries’ discovery environment. In addition, the group was asked to build on the work of Phase 1 (see the Phase 1 report ...

Discoverability Phase 1 Final Report

Hanson, Cody; Hessel, Heather; Barneson, John; Boudewyns, Deborah; Fransen, Jan; Friedman-Shedlov, Lara; Hardy, Martha; Rose, Chris; Stelmasik, Barb; Traill, Stacie (2009-03-13)
In October 2008, the Web Services Steering Committee at the University of Minnesota Libraries created the Discoverability exploratory subgroup, charged to recommend ways to make relevant resources more visible and easier ...