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Allen D. Leman Swine Conference, 2010   [74]

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Improved retention rates and reduced culling for lameness for sows fed a chelated trace mineral blend

Zhao, J.; Greiner, L.; Keith, N.; Vazquez-Anon, M.; Knight, C. D.; Harrell, R.J. (2010-09-18)

Wordwide occurrence of mycotoxins – results of a survey program

Hofstetter, Ursula; Rodrigues, Ines; Griessler, Karin (2010-09-18)

Effects of exogenous enzymes and particle size on corn energy values for growing pigs

Zanotto, D. L.; Guidoni, A. L.; Passos, A. A.; Leczniesky, J.; Lima, G. J. (2010-09-18)

Solubilization and bactericidal activity of diphenyliodonium chloride from an experimental bypass product following exposure to different pH

Epps, Sharon; Anderson, Robin; Harvey, Roger; Krueger, Nathan; Taylor, John; Phillips, Timothy (2010-09-18)

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