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America's Promise: A Catalyst for Youth Issues

Floyd, Donald; Sauer, Richard (2002)
The support of and commitment to America's Promise from most major youth organizations is strong, with optimism about the future. This optimism includes continuing increased awareness of the needs of youth and the role ...

Taking Aim at Youth Development

Hauer, Angie; Carlson, Stephan (1999)
It is important that the state, county, and clubs focus more attention on encouraging participation in natural resources and related natural science programs, developing critical thinking skills of youth, including youth ...

Clubs and Groups in the Social Education of Young People

Walker, Joyce; Dunham, Trudy; Snyder, Eric (1998)
Clubs and membership groups have demonstrated great success in voluntarily attracting young people and providing a context for positive youth development education. These clubs are generally small, flexible groups of young ...

Caring Adults Support the Healthy Development of Youth

Walker, Joyce; White, Lonnie (1998)
The powerful influence of caring adults in the lives of children and young people has been a hallmark of youth-serving organizations since the early 20th century. Youth organizations depend on the talents, leadership, and ...

4-H International Exchanges: New Directions after the Cold War

Pace, David (1998)
There has never been a time when the 4-H Global Education Curriculum and the Global Connections Cross-Cultural 4-H International Exchange Programs have been more important. School systems, community youth educational ...

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