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Proceedings of the Symposium on Engineering Research

Lund, Clarence E. (University of Minnesota, 1949-08-12)

Air Filtration through Weatherstripped and Non-Weatherstripped Windows

Lund, Clarence E.; Peterson, W. T. (University of Minnesota, 1952-05-15)

Principles Affecting Insulated Built-Up Roofs

Lund, Clarence E.; Granum, R. M. (University of Minnesota, 1952-05)

A Modified Plastic Theory of Reinforced Concrete

Andersen, Paul; Lee, Hwa-Ni (University of Minnesota, 1951-04-16)

Determination of Particle Size Distribution-- Apparatus and Techniques for Flour Mill Dust

Whitby, Kenneth T. (University of Minnesota, 1950-01-05)