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Interview with Edith Leyasmeyer
Tobbell, Dominique A.; Leyasmeyer, Edith (University of Minnesota, 2011)

Interview with Edith Leyasmeyer

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University of Minnesota

Oral History

Edith Leyasmeyer begins by describing her background and why she went into public health and health care administration. She describes her experiences as a graduate student at the University of Minnesota, as director of education programs at Northlands Regional Medical Center, working with the Minnesota Medical Association and Mayo Clinic, as faculty in the School of Public Health (SPH) at the UMN, and in the SPH’s dean’s office. She discusses the Hospital Administration Program, the Area Health Education Center, the Rural Physician Associate Program, the town/gown relationship with the UMN Medical School, SPH funding and budget, relations between divisions in the SPH, space, shift in philosophy in the SPH from a priority on teaching to one on research, relations between the SPH and other health sciences schools, recruitment of minority students and faculty in the SPH, attitudes toward women at UMN, changes in the SPH and the public health field, and HIV/AIDS. She talks about James Hamilton, Neil Vanselow, and other faculty at the UMN.

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Edith Leyasmeyer received her BA from Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio, in 1958; her MPH in Hospital and Health Care Administration from the University of Pittsburgh in 1961; and her PhD in Hospital and Health Care Administration from the University of Minnesota in 1968. From 1961-64, she was Director of Education at the Cleveland Hospital Council. From 1968-71, she worked as the Director of Educational Programs at Northlands Regional Medical Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. She then joined the faculty of the School of Public Health (SPH) at the UMN as a research associate in Public Health Nursing (1971-72). From 1972-81, she worked in the Area Health Education Center at the UMN, first as the Associate Director then as Director. In 1980, she joined the Dean’s office in the SPH, working as the Interim Dean, Associate Dean and Executive Officer, and Dean (starting in 1996). She retired in 2001.

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