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StreamLab06: Overview of Experiments, Instrumentation, and Data collection

Marr, Jeff; Wilcock, Peter; Hondzo, Miki; Foufoula-Georgiou, Efi; Johnson, Sarah; Hill, Craig; Leonardson, Rebecca; Nelson, Peter; Venditti, Jeremy; O'Connor, Ben; Ellis, Christopher R.; Mullin, James; Jefferson, Anne; Clark, Jeff (St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, 2010-11)
This report summarizes the StreamLab06 experimental research program conducted in the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory (SAFL) Main Channel facility from April through October 2006. The experiments were funded through the ...

Index Test of Unit #1 Prospect Powerhouse #2

Voigt, Richard L. (St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, 1987-11)
An index test was performed September 30 and October 1, 1987, on Unit #1 of Prospect Powerhouse #2, located near the town of Prospect, Oregon. The testing was requested by the American Hydro Corporation and was scheduled ...

Physical Model Study of the Fairfax Water Off-Shore Intake: New Modifications and the Study of the Flow Patterns around the Sand Barrier

Mohseni, Omid; Howard, Adam; Lueker, Matthew (St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, 2008-09)
To withdraw better water quality from the Potomac River for a water treatment plant during flow conditions under 20,000 cfs, Fairfax Water in VA had an off-shore river intake built in 2004. The intake was comprised of a ...