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Developing relations between spatial knowledge and spatial language in human children

Scott, Nicole M.; Sera, Maria D.; Georgopoulos, Apostolos P. (2012-04-17)
One of the hallmarks of human intelligence is the ability to quickly extract and encode spatial relations. Yet little is known about how this ability evolved, about its relation to human language, and about the neural ...

Efficiently Monitoring and Optimizing the Power Grid

Zhu, Hao (2012)
The smart grid vision is to revitalize the electric power grid by capitalizing on advanced sensing, machine learning, optimization, communication, and control technologies to address the pressing issues related to security, ...

Structure determination of zeolite nanosheets

Zhang, Xueyi; Tsapatsis, Michael (2012)
MFI and MWW zeolite nanosheets are building units for state-of-the-art zeolite thin films for gas separation. In this study, the structures of exfoliated MFI and MWW zeolite nanosheets were determined using a combination ...

Impacts of online financial literacy training on battered women

Nguyen, Hoa T. (2012)
Economic security is critical to enable battered women to escape and not return to an abusive relationship. Financial literacy training has gained greater attention in the United States recently, especially since the ...