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Meghan Lafferty  [8]

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Where in Academia are ELNs? Support for Electronic Lab Notebooks at Top American Research Universities

Sayre, Franklin D; Bakker, Caitlin J.; Johnston, Lisa R; Kocher, Megan; Lafferty, Meghan; Kelly, Julia A. (2017-03)

Science Boot Camp: Supporting Interdisciplinary Research

Neeser, Amy; Kocher, Megan; Lafferty, Meghan; Marsalis, Scott (2014)

Expanding Conventional Collection Boundaries Through Visualization

Neeser, Amy; Schell, Justin; Braun, Steven; Lafferty, Meghan (2014)

Training Researchers on Data Management: A Scalable, Cross-Disciplinary Approach

Johnston, Lisa R; Lafferty, Meghan; Petsan, Beth (Journal of eScience Librarianship, 2012-08)
This article describes the curriculum, implementation, and results of the research data management training offered by the University of Minnesota (UMN) Libraries. The UMN Libraries have offered the workshop titled, “Creating ...

First Year of "Creating a Data Management Plan": A New Workshop Offered by the University of Minnesota Libraries.

Petsan, Beth; Lafferty, Meghan; Johnston, Lisa R (2012-04-25)
This poster was presented at the USAIN (United States Agricultural Information Network) 2012 Conference in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN (April 29-May 2, 2012). The topic is a University of Minnesota Libraries' workshop called ...

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