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Development of a Medication Monitoring System for an Integrated Multidisciplinary Program of Assertive Community Treatment (IMPACT) Team

Watkins, Sarah C.; Winchester, Bruce R.; Brahm, Nancy C. (University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, 2012-12)
Purpose: The primary goal was to improve medication management oversight for a severely mentally ill (SMI) community-based population by developing a medication monitoring system based on current guidelines to optimize ...

Perspectives from the Hmong Population on Type 2 Diabetes

Xiong, Phoua; Westberg, Sarah M. (University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, 2012-12)
The primary goal of the study was to determine perceptions the Hmong population has about Type 2 diabetes. Specific information to be gathered from the Hmong participants were: reactions after being diagnosed with Type 2 ...

Don’t Leave Without Them: Dispensing asthma medications to pediatric patients upon discharge is associated with decreased hospital readmissions

Hiteshew, Kelly J.; Franz, Thaddeus; Lamberjack, Kristen; Chen, Aleda M.H. (University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, 2012-12)
Purpose: Asthma exacerbations are a leading cause of hospital and emergency department admissions at pediatric institutions. The objective of this study was to determine if patients who obtain discharge medications from ...

Patient-perceived value of Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services: a series of focus groups

Schultz, Heidi; Westberg, Sarah M.; Oliveira, Djenane Ramalho de; Brummel, Amanda (University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, 2012-12)
Objective: To determine the patient-perceived value of MTM services and non-financial barriers preventing patients with insurance coverage from receiving MTM services. Design: Focus groups. Setting: Fairview Pharmacy ...

Prevalence of drug-related problems in self-medication in Danish community pharmacies

Frøkjær, Bente; Bolvig, Tina; Griese, Nina; Herborg, Hanne; Rossing, Charlotte (University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, 2012-12)
Background: Drug-related problems are known to be a major problem associated with pharmacotherapy. A broad range of studies, mainly in the area of prescription-only medicines, supports this fact. Only a few studies have ...