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Seth C. Lewis  [8]

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Journalism in an Era of Big Data: Cases, Concepts, and Critiques

Lewis, Seth C. (Digital Journalism, 2015)
“Journalism in an era of big data” is thus a way of seeing journalism as interpolated through the conceptual and methodological approaches of computation and quantification. It is about both the ideation and implementation ...

Actors, actants, audiences, and activities in cross-media news work: A matrix and a research agenda

Lewis, Seth C.; Westlund, Oscar (2014-07-21)
In contemporary journalism, there is a need for better conceptualizing the changing nature of human actors, nonhuman technological actants, and diverse representations of audiences—and the activities of news production, ...

Thinking about citizen journalism: The philosophical and practical challenges of user-generated content for community newspapers

Lewis, Seth C.; Kaufhold, Kelly; Lasorsa, Dominic L. (Taylor and Francis, 2010)
This study seeks to understand how community newspaper editors negotiate the professional complexities posed by citizen journalism—a phenomenon that, even in the abstract, would appear to undermine their gatekeeping control ...

Journalism Innovation and Participation: An Analysis of the Knight News Challenge

Lewis, Seth C. (USC Annenberg Press, 2011)
In recent years, the Knight News Challenge has emerged as one of the most important forums for stimulating innovation in journalism and as a salient marker of the Knight Foundation’s influence in the field. However, ...

A Matter of Life and Death? Examining the Quality of Newspaper Coverage on the Newspaper Crisis

Chyi, Hsiang Iris; Lewis, Seth C.; Zheng, Nan (Taylor & Francis, 2012)
During 2008-2010, U.S. newspapers covered the financial issues confronting their own industry extensively. Such coverage drew attention to the state of the newspaper but also raised questions about whether journalists ...

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