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Plant Pathology Library  [3]

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All items created by Plant Pathology Library staff members.

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Tomato Diseases: Plant Pathology Library Exhibit.

Unknown author (University of Minnesota Libraries, 2005)
This exhibit explores a handful of tomato diseases with a short description and accompanying image.

Porcini Mushrooms Through the Ages: Plant Pathology Library Exhibit.

Dentinger, Bryn; Padamsee, Maj; Wiegand, Laura; Fields, Dusty (University of Minnesota Libraries, 2005)
"BOLETUS EDULIS (a.k.a. porcini, cèpe, etc.) and its relatives are one of the most highly prized edible mushrooms in the world." Text by Dentinger and Padamsee for the Plant Pathology Library. Design by Wiegand and ...

Botanical Art of a Different Kind: Plant Pathology Library Exhibit.

Wiegand, Laura; Fields, Dusty (University of Minnesota Libraries, 2005)
"Botanical art is not just beautiful, but also useful for purposes such as the identification of plants for medicinal purposes." Text and Exhibit Created by Laura Wiegand for the Plant Pathology Library, using Library ...