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Climate of Minnesota Series  [15]

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Climate of Minnesota Part XV - Normal Temperatures (1951-1980) and Their Application

Baker, Donald G.; Kuehnast, Earl L.; Zandlo, James A. (Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, 1985)

Climate of Minnesota Part X- Precipitation Normals for Minnesota: 1941-1970

Baker, Donald G.; Kuehnast, Earl L. (Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, 1978)

Climate of Minnesota Part VI - Solar Radiation at St. Paul

Baker, Donald G. (Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, 1971)

Climate of Minnesota Part V - Precipiation Facts, Normals, and Extremes

Baker, Donald G.; Haines, Donald A.; Strub, Joseph H. Jr. (Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, 1967)

Climate of Minnesota Part IV - Spring Soil Temperatures

Baker, Donald G.; Swan, James B. (Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, 1966)

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