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Oral history interview with Glenn Henry
Henry, Glenn (Charles Babbage Institute, 2001)

Oral history interview with Glenn Henry


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Charles Babbage Institute

Oral History

Glenn Henry begins by briefly outlining his education and early work career prior to joining IBM. The majority of the interview focuses on Henry's work as a software systems engineer and manager at IBM in the 1970s. Henry was centrally involved in the software development and hardware definitions for IBM's early Midrange Series computers. He had managerial roles at IBM San Jose and IBM Boca Raton before leading a large team at the home of IBM Midrange Series hardware and software development, IBM Rochester. He details the programming effort for the operating System 3, the incremental advance with System 32, and the quantum leap IBM took with the development of System 38, a system Henry proposed--and one were the software was largely driving the definition of the hardware. The interview is particularly rich in detailing the relationship between software and hardware development as well as the technical and managerial successes and challenges with System 38.

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Glenn Henry, OH 355. Oral history interview By Philip L, Frana, August 7, 2001, Austin, Texas, Charles Babbage Institute, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

Transcript, 66 pages

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Henry, Glenn. (2001). Oral history interview with Glenn Henry. Charles Babbage Institute. Retrieved from the University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy,

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