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Design Thinking: Using Creativity and Collaboration to Transform Public Relations

Hayes, Nora (2018-12)
Public relations practitioners, like designers, toggle back and forth between seemingly different modes of operation: logic and creativity, specific and universal, human and non-human, time-bound and timeless. Both professions ...

Murakami's Superflat: Constructing a Female Space in a Two-Dimensional Plane

Bawiec, Michelle (2018)
Takashi Murakami is one of the most recognized Japanese contemporary artists globally and his "Superflat" art movement brings with it imagery of women that is gross subjectification and yet creates a disruptive space for ...

Multicultural Understanding: Leveraging the Advantages of Diversity in Scrum Adoption

Jukich, Barbara L. (2018)
This paper introduces a positive view of multicultural differences in a U.S. IT software development team with a discussion around the intersection of Scrum values with the cross-cultural dimensions of power distance, ...

Artwork-Mediated Deliberations: How Art Can Awaken Narratives, Emotions and Agency

Marks, Ruth Ann (2018)
Deliberation forums using an artwork-mediated journaling facilitation technique were conducted at United Methodist churches on a topic that placed the earth’s natural resources into tension with economic development. In ...

Implications for Healing, Transformation and Prosperity: Historical and Cultural Trauma and People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Zuber, Andrea Lou (2018)
Over the centuries, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) have faced horrific treatment at the hands of greater society, and sometimes by the very people who care for them. In the United States, ...