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2011 E3 Conference Posters  [17]

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Hydrothermal Carbonization of Stillage Products Generated from Corn Ethanol Production

Wood, Brandon; Valentas, Kenneth; Heilmann, Steven (2011-11)
Hydrothermal Carbonization (HTC) is a platform thermochemical technology which utilizes high moisture content feedstocks. HTC of whole and thin stillage from the corn ethanol industry presents an opportunity to reduced ...

Is Planting Forests Bad For The Climate?

Snyder, Peter K. (2011-11)
Planting forests is a proven approach to mitigating global warming through sequestering atmospheric CO2. However, in the mid-latitudes this could actually have the unintended consequence of warming the planet by decreasing ...

Lossless Holographic Spectrum Splitter In Lateral Photovoltaic Devices

Lin, Di; Torrey, Ethan R.; Leger, James R.; Cohen, Phil. I. (2011-11)
Lateral photovoltaic structures require efficient partitioning of the solar spectrum and light delivery to the respective cells. Single-junction cells can be used, eliminating the need for current and lattice matching. We ...

Adding Value to Ethanol Production Byproducts Through Production of Biochar and Bio-oil

Spokas, K.; Ruan, R.; Morrison, R. (2011-11)
This study aims at increasing the value of distillers’ grain by sequestering carbon and producing additional renewable energy resources (bio-oil and syngas) through microwave assisted pyrolysis. Bio-oil can be further ...

New method to convert heat directly into electricity

Song, Yintao; Srivastava, Vijay; Bhatti, Kanwal; Leighton, Chris; James, Richard D. (2011-11)

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