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Applied Psychological Measurement, Volume 18, 1994  [28]

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Testing the Equality of Two Related Intraclass Reliability Coefficients

Alsawaimeh, Yousef M.; Feldt, Leonard S. (1994)
An approximate statistical test of the equality of two intraclass reliability coefficients based on the same sample of people is derived. Such a test is needed when a researcher wishes to compare the reliability of two ...

A Conditional Item-Fit Index for Rasch Models

Jϋrgen, Rost; Von Davier, Matthias (1994)
A new item-fit index is proposed that is both a descriptive measure of deviance of single items and an index for statistical inference. This index is based on the assumptions of the dichotomous and polytomous Rasch ...

A General Approach to Algorithmic Design of Fixed-Form Tests, Adaptive Tests, and Testlets

Berger, Martijn P. F. (1994)
The selection of items from a calibrated item bank for fixed-form tests is an optimal test design problem; this problem has been handled in the literature by mathematical programming models. A similar problem, ...

Why Factor Analysis Often is the Incorrect Model for Analyzing Bipolar Concepts, and What Model to Use Instead

Van Schuur, Wijbrandt H.; Kiers, Henk A. (1994)
Factor analysis of data that conform to the unfolding model often results in an extra factor. This artificial extra factor is particularly important when data that conform to a bipolar unidimensional unfolding scale are ...

Influence of Test and Person Characteristics on Nonparametric Appropriateness Measurement

Meijer, Rob R.; Molenaar, lvo W.; Sijtsma, Klaas (1994)
Appropriateness measurement in nonparametric item response theory modeling is affected by the reliability of the items, the test length, the type of aberrant response behavior, and the percentage of aberrant persons in ...

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