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Applied Psychological Measurement, Volume 17, 1993  [26]

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Scale shrinkage in vertical equating

Camilli, Gregory; Yamamoto, Kentaro; Wang, Ming-mei (1993)
As an alternative to equipercentile equating in the area of multilevel achievement test batteries, item response theory (IRT) vertical equating has produced unexpected results. When expanded standard scores were obtained ...

Effect of estimation method on incremental fit indexes for covariance structure models

Sugawara, Hazuki M.; MacCallum, Robert C. (1993)
In a typical study involving covariance structure modeling, fit of a model or a set of alternative models is evaluated using several indicators of fit under one estimation method, usually maximum likelihood. This study ...

Information functions of the generalized partial credit model

Muraki, Eiji (1993)
The concept of information functions developed for dichotomous item response models is adapted for the partial credit model. The information function is explained in terms of the model parameters and scoring functions. ...

Methodology review: Statistical approaches for assessing measurement bias

Millsap, Roger E.; Everson, Howard T. (1993)
Statistical methods developed over the last decade for detecting measurement bias in psychological and educational tests are reviewed. Earlier methods for assessing measurement bias generally have been replaced by more ...

A method for severely constrained item selection in adapative testing

Stocking, Martha L.; Swanson, Len (1993)
Previous attempts at incorporating expert test construction practices into computerized adaptive testing paradigms are described. A new method is presented for incorporating a large number of constraints on adaptive ...

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