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Janet L. Fransen  [10]

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How do Engineering Students and Faculty use Library Resources?

Fransen, Jan (American Society for Engineering Education, 2013-06-25)
In 2011, library staff at a large Research I university began looking for ways to track use of library resources by students, faculty, and staff. Access points tracked in Fall 2011 ranged from loans and use of digital ...

Library Use and Undergraduate Student Outcomes: New Evidence for Students’ Retention and Academic Success

Soria, Krista; Fransen, Jan; Nackerud, Shane (2013-01-24)
Academic libraries, like other university departments, are being asked to demonstrate their value to the institution. This study discusses the impact library usage has on the retention and academic success of first-time, ...

Analyzing Demographics: Assessing Library Use Across the Institution

Nackerud, Shane; Fransen, Jan; Peterson, Kate; Mastel, Kristen (2013-01-24)
In Fall 2011, staff at the University of Minnesota Libraries-Twin Cities undertook a project to measure how often, and in what ways, students used the Libraries' services. Partnering with the University's Office of ...

Parsing Citations using Visual Basic for Applications: A Step-by-Step Guide

Fransen, Jan (2012-07-06)
The most difficult hurdle in a citation analysis project is getting the citations from a set of bibliographies to a spreadsheet or database where they can be analyzed. When I approached my first citation analysis project ...

Setting a Direction for Discovery: A Phased Approach

Fransen, Jan; Friedman-Shedlov, Lara; Theis-Mahon, Nicole; Traill, Stacie; Boudewyns, Deborah K. Ultan (IGI Global, 2012)
While many other academic libraries are currently or have recently faced the challenge of setting a new direction for their discovery platforms, the University of Minnesota is perhaps unique in its phased approach to the ...

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