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Supporting data for "3D printed patient-specific aortic root models with internal sensors for minimally invasive applications"

Haghiashtiani, Ghazaleh; Qiu, Kaiyan; Sanchez, Jorge D Zhingre; Fuenning, Zachary J; Nair, Priya; Ahlberg, Sarah E; Iaizzo, Paul A; McAlpine, Michael C (2020-06-09)
Minimally invasive surgeries have numerous advantages, yet complications may arise from limited knowledge about the anatomical site targeted for the delivery of therapy. Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) is a ...

Supporting data for "3D printed electrically-driven soft actuators"

Haghiashtiani, Ghazaleh; Habtour, Ed; Park, Sung-Hyun; Gardea, Frank; McAlpine, Michael C (2020-06-09)
Soft robotics is an emerging field enabled by advances in the development of soft materials with properties commensurate to their biological counterparts, for the purpose of reproducing locomotion and other distinctive ...

Supporting data for "3D Printed Polymer Photodetectors"

Park, Sung Hyun; Su, Ruitao; Guo, Shuang-Zhuang; Qiu, Kaiyan; Joung, Daeha; Fanben, Meng; McAlpine, Michael C; Jeong, Jaewoo (2020-05-29)
Extrusion-based 3D printing, an emerging technology, has been previously used in the comprehensive fabrication of light-emitting diodes using various functional inks, without cleanrooms or conventional microfabrication ...

Supporting data for "3D Bioprinted In Vitro Metastatic Models via Reconstruction of Tumor Microenvironments"

Meng, Fanben; Meyer, Carolyn M; Joung, Daeha; Vallera, Daniel A; McAlpine, Michael C; Panoskaltsis-Mortari, Angela (2020-05-29)
The data set includes the experimental data and the corresponding code files for " 3D Bioprinted In Vitro Metastatic Models via Reconstruction of Tumor Microenvironments", Fanben Meng, Carolyn M Meyer, Daeha Joung, Daniel ...

Supporting data for "3D Printed Organ Models with Physical Properties of Tissue and Integrated Sensors"

Qiu, Kaiyan; Zhao, Zichen; Haghiashtiani, Ghazaleh; Guo, Shuang-Zhuang; He, Mingyu; Su, Ruitao; Zhu, Zhijie; Bhuiyan, Didarul B; Murugan, Paari; Meng, Fanben; Park, Sung Hyun; Chu, Chih-Chang; Ogle, Brenda M; Saltzman, Daniel A; Konety, Badrinath R; Sweet, Robert M; McAlpine, Michael C (2020-05-22)
The data set includes the experimental data and the corresponding MRI stereolithography (STL) file supporting the results reported in Kaiyan Qiu; Zichen Zhao; Ghazaleh Haghiashtiani; Shuang-Zhuang Guo; Mingyu He; Ruitao ...

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