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Graduate Student Research  [4]

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Dataset for Research on Lexical Borrowings in French

Chesley, Paula; Baayen, R. Harald (dataset self-published online, 2010)
Dataset of lexical borrowings obtained from a corpus of newspaper French (Le Monde; Abeille et al. 2003) as described in "Lexical Borrowings in French: Anglicisms as a separate phenomenon" and "Predicting new words from ...

Data for Evaluation of Subcategorization Frames

Chesley, Paula; Salmon-Alt, Suzanne (dataset self-published online, 2006)
Data for evaluation of subcategorization frames as detailed in the paper "Automatic extraction of subcategorization frames for French", available at

datasets for Using Verbs and Adjectives to Automatically Classify Blog Sentiment

Chesley, Paula; Vincent, Bruce; Xu, Li; Rohini, Srihari (dataset self-published online, 2006)
Training and test datasets for the paper "Using Verbs and Adjectives to Automatically Classify Blog Sentiment", available online at . Zip ...

Dataset for African-American English Hip-hop research

Chesley, Paula (2011-10-07)
This dataset corresponds to the paper "You know what it is: Learning words through listening to hip-hop" by Paula Chesley. The artists participants listed are given in alphabetical order and in order of frequency. An ...