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Volume 21, 2004
Unknown author (Minnesota and Wisconsin Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, 2004)

Volume 21, 2004

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Minnesota and Wisconsin Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

CONTENTS: ARTICLES: "Professionalism in Practice: ESL voices" by Tina Edstam; "The New English Language Proficiency Standards: Issues in Curriculum and ESL Teacher Professionalism" by Martha Bigelow & Susan Ranney; "Exploring the Immediate and Delayed Effects of Formal Instruction: Teaching Giving and Responding to Compliments" by Noriko Ishihara; REPORTS: "Using children's multicultural literature in the culturally and linguistically diverse classroom: an Africa example" by Feng-Ling Margaret Johnson; "Keeping it Real: Using Authentic Materials with Beginning Adult Learners" by Patsy Vinogradov; "Issues and a Model of Assessment for Determining Learning Disabilities (LD) in the Adult English as a Second Language (ESL) Population" by Mam Frank; "Preparing English Education Majors to Teach Second Language Learners" by Marilyn Durham; REVIEWS: "'Teaching Adult ESL; A Practical Introduction' by Betsy Parrish" Reviewed by Astrid Liden; "'Weaving It Together: Connecting Reading and Writing' by M. Broukal" Reviewed by Becky Uran Markman; "'Are ESL Professionals On The Way Out?' An article by Platt, Harper and Mendoza" Reviewed by Kit Hansen

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