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Volume 12, 1994
Unknown author (Minnesota Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, 1994)

Volume 12, 1994

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Minnesota Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

Contents: ARTICLES: "Images of American Indians in an ESL FilmClass: Teaching Content from Dances with Wolves" by Russell Arent; "The Effects of Training on WrittenSpeech Act Behavior: Stating and Changing An Opinion" by Andrew D. Cohen and Elaine Tarone; "Hmong Gangs: Preventing Lost Youth" by Shelly M. Bertrand and Lisa MB Simons; "Achievment Tests as Predictors of Subsequent High School Performance for LEP Students" by Judith Strohl; WORK IN PROGRESS: "Memrory link Vocabulary Flashcards: The 90s Version of an Old Standby" by Merce Lopez i Agusti and Susan J. Weaver; STUDENTS' WORK: My Family; My Brother; REVIEWS: "'Guidelines: A Cross-Cultural Reading/Writing Text' by Ruth Spack" Reviewed by Wendy Desmonde; "'A Writer's Workbook: An Interactive Writing Text for ESL Students' by Trudy Smoke" Reviewed by Wendy Desmonde

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