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Volume 9, 1991
Unknown author (Minnesota Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, 1991)

Volume 9, 1991

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Minnesota Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

CONTENTS: ARTICLES: "Film as a Teaching Medium" by Diane F. Johnson; "Culture Day: Emotional Support for ESL Students" by Marge Kaplan; "Southeast Asian Literature for the ESL Classroom" by Carol Quest; "Your Textbook is in the Library- Or You Could Make Your Own" by Robyn Peterson; WORK IN PROGRESS: "Recall Protocols and L2 Reading Research" by Thomas A. Upton; STUDENTS' WORK: Poetry by students from Willow Creek junior High in Rochester, Minnesota and Illustrated Essays by students from Harding High School in St. Paul, Minnesota; REVIEWS: "'Second Language Teacher Education' by Jack C. Richards and David Nunan, Eds." Reviewed by Doris Heisig' "'Breaking the Language Barrier: Creating Your Own Pathway to Success' by H. Douglas Brown" Reviewed by Ellen Marner

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