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Technical Bulletins  [92]

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The Burbot fishery in Lake of the Woods.

University of Minnesota, Agricultural Experiment Station (Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, 1974)

Fall Versus Spring Plowing and Related Soil Heat Balance in the Western Corn Belt.

Allmaras, R.R.; Nelson, W.W.; Hallauer, E.A. (Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, 1972)

The Effect of White-Tailed Deer and Snowshoe Hare Browsing on Trees and Shrubs in Northern Minnesota.

Krefting, Lauritis W. (Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, 1975)

An Appraisal of Aphid Resistant Tuber-Bearing Solanum Germ Plasm.

Radcliffe, E.B.; Lauer, F.I. (Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, 1971)

The Management Factor in Farming: An Evaluation and Summary of Research.

Justus, Fred; Headley, J.C.; Krause, Kenneth R.; Schultz, S. Ray; Shaudys, E.T.; Nodland, Truman; Hobbs, Daryl J.; Warrack, Allan A.; Wirth, M.E. (Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, 1968-03)
Contains these reports: The management factor in farming: an evaluation and summary of research ; Review of managerial ability studies of farmers ; Biography and performance ; Summary of research on the relation of goals, ...

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