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Accounts Receivable Credit in Minnesota Farm Supply Cooperatives

Knudtson, Arvid C.; Koller, E. Fred (Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, 1955-05)
THE RECENT rapid increase in use of accounts receivable credit is causing a serious problem for Minnesota farm supply cooperatives. Cooperative leaders are concerned with this trend as past experience shows that slow ...

Agricultural Production Loans of Minnesota Country Banks

Dahl, R. P.; Jesness, O.B. (Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, 1955-04)
MODERN TECHNOLOGY and mechanization in agriculture have increased decidedly the amount of capital employed by farmers. The farmers’ use of credit to meet these needs likewise has increased. While farmers obtain production ...

Starting Farming Today: Can It Be Done, What Does It Take

Pond, George A.; Swanson, H.W.; Cavert, W. L. (Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, 1955-04)
STARTING FARMING was never easy. It is not easy today. Obtaining the capital to start farming and especially acquir ing ownership of a farm may seem to many a young couple today an almost unattainable goal. Perhaps such ...

Marketing Fresh Sweet Corn in the Midwest

Winter, J.D.; Nylund, R. E.; Cox, R. W. (Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, 1954-06)
FRESH SWEET CORN is a major vegetable crop in the North Central States. Because of its extremely perishable nature it is a crop that offers a chance for wide improvements in product quality through improved handling and ...

Making Durable Concrete Drain Tile on Packer-Head Machines

Manson, Philip W.; Miller, Dalton G. (Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, 1954-08)
FEW CONCRETE PRODUCTS are exposed in service to a wider range of conditions than drain tile. The conditions may range all the way from highly favorable to extremely severe, sometimes in the same drainage system. ...

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